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And government agencies and departments

WGU "V4"- C180 Foundations of Psychology- pg 15 quiz assignment for module
Module Summary
This module introduced you to the evolution of psychology. You learned about the definition of psychology, historic schools of thought, the subfields of psychology, and the types of jobs psychologists fill today. Psychology is important because it uncovers human thought processes and the underlying causes of behavior and mental processes. Workplaces are filled with people from all walks of life with varied thoughts and behaviors. Knowledge of the fundamentals of psychology helps people understand what the underlying causes of various behaviors are and how to manage those behaviors to ensure positive interactions with others.

Compelling points from this module include:
Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes, usually analyzed at three levels—brain, person, and group.

Take this short module quiz to be sure you are gaining competence. Your score on this quiz will not affect your overall score in the course. If you miss any questions, please review the relevant content.

Quiz -pg 14
1. Psychology is one of the younger sciences, especially when compared with biology, physics, and astronomy. From the choices below, select the two concepts that are at the center of the invention of psychology as a science.

3. Which theorist proposed a theory of how both conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings affect behavior?

William James
Carl Rogers
Sigmund Freud
Max Wertheimer
Correct! Sigmund Freud developed the psychodynamic theory, a psychological approach that reached all corners of human thought, feelings, and behavior.

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and government agencies and departments
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