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And modeling the database structure essbase database

480Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solutio

multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP) MOLAP is the “classic” form of OLAP and is sometimes referred to as just OLAP. See also multidimensional.

partition In Essbase, an area of data that is replicated, shared, or linked between databases. In Oracle OLAP, you partition along a dimension, usually at a selected level. Partitions enable you to break up and manage data, while at the same time hiding this complexity from applications and end users.

pivot The act of changing your view of the data, such as swapping a dimension from rows to columns.

rollup See aggregation.

schema In the Oracle Database, a collection of objects (including analytic workspaces) that belong to a database user.

snowflake dimensional model A schema design in which a centralized fact table is related to a series of dimension tables that in turn relate to other supporting tables.

software development kit (SDK) A set of development tools that enables a software developer to create applications for a software package, framework, operating system, and so on. It may contain an application programming interface (API).

star schema The simplest data warehouse schema type. The star schema consists of a few fact tables (possibly only one, justifying the name) referencing any number of dimension tables. The star schema is considered an important special case of the snowflake schema.

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and modeling the database structure essbase databa
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