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And parser attributes and not parser properties features

114 Chapter 3 • Processing XML Documents with DOM

Note that the servlet’s doGet() method uses this instance using a synchronized() block:

returnValue = myParser.returnResult();

Since the DocumentBuilderFactory class in itself is not thread-safe, the code may behave erratically or exceptions/errors may be thrown.


public void setFeature(String name, boolean value) throws

SAXNotRecognizedException, SAXNotSupportedException

If the parser cannot recognize a feature, the SAXNotRecognizedException is thrown. If the parser is not equipped to support the feature, a
SAXNotSupportedException is thrown.

SAX parsers do not have any of the properties required. However, the XMLReader interface provides two methods, setProperty() and getProperty(),to set and to retrieve the parser properties:

For example, to set the schema location for elements that are not in any namespace of http://www.propertyexample.com/schema.xsd, the following code may be used:

parserObject.setProperty(http://apache.org/xml/properties/schema +

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and parser attributes and not parser properties fe
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