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And some additional logic and memory

330 RFID Handbook: Applications, Technology, Security, and Privacy

Embedding an RFID tag to a triage tag has the following advantages:

1. Terminal that the emergency personnel use can identify the injured person by the unique ID value in each RFID tag.

Triage with RFID Tags for Massive Incidents

This application addresses important challenges for pervasive computing: data integrity, the information that should not be lost after being input; input throughput, the time required to input injured person’s information should be as short as possible; availability, that is, emergency personnel should be able to use the system any time, and low latency of communication. These should be as independent of the network status as possible.

In this chapter, we show a realistic solution for the challenges by specializing the network usage in a way that only particular paths are used in particular stages of the workflow by analyzing the workflow and exploiting RFID tags to slim down the possible paths by the following approaches: input throughput and availability are assured by using RFID tags as local buffer; data integrity is assured and latency is improved by defining minimum wireless communication areas in the paths in triage workflow.

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and some additional logic and memory
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