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And sponsors focus addressing specific business requirements


Chapter 1

Overview of the BI Organization 17

important than the one.” That saying is true for BI organizations. Unfortu-nately, many warehouse efforts focus on addressing and bringing value to a particular department or even specific users, with little regard to the overall organization. The rogue executive who has his or her own agenda, business objectives, and budget is a perfect example of this problem. Sup-pose the executive requests assistance from the warehouse team. The team responds with a 90-day effort that includes not only delivering the report-ing requirements defined by the executive but ensures that all sourced data is blended into the atomic layer before being fed into the proposed cube technology. This added engineering ensures that the enterprise warehouse will grow and benefit from the data necessary for this executive. However, the executive has been talking with outside consulting firms who have pro-posed accomplishing a similar reporting application delivered in less than 4 weeks. Assuming that the internal warehouse team is a competent group, the executive has a choice. He or she can either support the extra engineer-ing discipline necessary to grow the enterprise informational asset or can choose to implement his or her own solution quickly. The latter seems to be chosen far too often and only serves to create information silos benefiting the few or the one.


Near-term gain and long-term planning is discussed more in Chapter 3.

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and sponsors focus addressing specific business re
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