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And the design and development data staging track


Chapter 3

■■ Rogue departments willing to sponsor their own warehouse efforts, usually under the guise of wanting to help IT. A telling signal of this is when the sponsor says, “IT is very busy, so we want to get this going ourselves. When IT has time, we will let them take it over.”

■■ No executive sponsorship exists, and the warehouse team finds itself meandering from one iteration to the next, hoping the funding will not dry up.

Comparison of Life Cycles


Requirements gathering


Test for bias

Table 3.4



Understand requirements


Application track. The tasks of this track are focused on the specifica- tion of the end-user application and the subsequent development of that application.

The three tracks are run in parallel with each other, and once completed, they converge into a deployment phase. The Business Dimensional Lifecy-cle approach ends with a Maintenance and Growth stage. Of course, it is important to remember that Ralph Kimball views the warehouse as being developed in iterations, and therefore the model is used over and over with each new warehouse effort.

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and the design and development data staging track
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