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And they didn salon barber bent the usual trim

First Impressions 55

Beards and mustaches can indicate that the man wearing them

A radical cut, color, or style may suggest

• nonconformity
• rebelliousness
• an adventurous nature
* an expressive, artistic nature
• an unconventional job and lifestyle
• a desire to appeal to a particular peer group• trendiness
• disregard of personal appearance
• a need to be different and noticed
• cultural influence (age, race, social group)

Because so many hairstyles are acceptable on women, most stylistic de-viations don't indicate much about a woman's personality. Extremes of length, volume, style, and color are the most telling aspects of a woman's hair.

Long or short In our culture, women's youth and sexiness are often as-sociated with long hair. For that reason, women's and men's decisions to wear hair long or short have very different implications.

She may be recovering from or undergoing medical treatment, such as chemotherapy.

If a woman has very long hair, bear in mind the following:

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and they didn salon barber bent the usual trim
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