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And user access applications determined the roles granted the user

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Figure 2-4 Role Based Access Control Layer

Role Categories

As part of the Oracle Applications RBAC model, Oracle User Management introduces Role Categories. Administrators can create role categories to bundle roles and
responsibilities to make the process of searching for roles and responsibilities easier. For example, all sales and marketing related roles could be included in the Sales & Marketing category.

In the above figure, the arrows on each side of the diagram indicate membership inheritance and permission inheritance. Text in the rounded boxes indicates roles. An arrow pointing from an individual to a role indicates that this individual is assigned the role. An arrow pointing from one role to another indicates that the role from which the arrow points is the superior role, and the role to which it points is the subordinate role. Permissions associated with a role are inherited by all of its superior roles and the individuals to which any of these roles are assigned.

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and user access applications determined the roles
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