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And videoconferencing and call-conferencing systems

T e c h n o l o g y C h o i c e

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characteristics of the technology. It is easy to see the advantages of this principle. Shouldn’t all important decisions be rational? However, the quality of team communication and team outcomes depend on a wide range of factors, of which techno-logyismerelyone.Communicationefficiencydoesnotincrease by the “richness” of technology. Rather, efficiency arises from concentrating on what is essential. E-mailing, for example, or talking on the phone may be excellent choices when there is no need to acquire visual information; videoconferencing may be the best solution if it is critical to see facial expressions to arrive at a judgment.

C o m m u n i c a t i o n T e c h n o l o g i e s

was observed and recorded. Tools most commonly used for communication were e-mail, telephone, an instant-messaging system, a discussion forum, and videoconferencing and call-conferencing systems. Each tool and its characteristics are analyzedandtheir functionsin team communicationdiscussed in the following text.


E-mail is equally useful for asynchronous communication. When the subject is not urgent, e-mail is often the mode of choice because it gives the sender time to prepare a

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and videoconferencing and callconferencing systems
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