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And your task display the objects unordered list the page

Using the Microsoft Ajax Library❘859

individual fi les. This script - combining feature is managed automatically by the Loader; all you have to do is to describe the composite scripts with the contains property for your custom scripts.

The Script Loader also supports loading scripts on demand. You can use the script tag or Sys. require calls to load the scripts required by most of your users at page load time, and delay loading those scripts that are needed for specifi c features and a smaller number of users. For example, if you have a Print button on the page, you can use its event handler to download the script fi les required for the print functionality with the Sys.loader.loadScripts function. This will defi nitely cause a small delay for those users who clicked the Print button (but only the fi rst time, because the browser will cache the script fi le), but will provide better page load time for all users.

As you have probably already realized, the Script Loader is a really smart component. It supports script dependencies, composite scripts, parallel download, lazy loading, the Microsoft Ajax CDN, and so on. All the features of the Script Loader are available not only for the Microsoft Ajax Library and the jQuery Library, but also for your custom scripts. However, if you want to integrate your own scripts, you should take a look at the Sys.loader.registerScript function, and the recommended implementation pattern that supports this architecture.

Code fi le [3 - AjaxLibrary\03 - MixCodeAndMarkup.htm] available for download at Wrox.com

You can also have a set of image fi les that are named by the country code and contain the fl ags of the countries. To complete the task, you must render HTML markup of the unordered list

s += countries[i].Name;
s += ‘ < /*b > - ‘;
s += countries[i].Capital;
s += ‘ < img src=”../images/’;
s += countries[i].Code;
s += ‘.gif” / > < /li > ’;
s += ‘ < /ul > ’;
$get(‘divResult’).innerHTML = s;

Code fi le [3 - AjaxLibrary\03 - MixCodeAndMarkup.htm] available for download at Wrox.com

The coding nightmare of client - side data binding is solved by adding template functionality to the Microsoft Ajax Library in the form of the Sys.UI.DataView class. The DataView class acts as a client control, and behaves similarly to the server - side ListView control — it can have a data source, multiple templates, rendering, and user action events, and is capable of displaying either a single record or multiple records. Because you are used to it on server side, this control can be confi gured in declarative markup on the client, or can also be instantiated in
JavaScript code.

To use the Microsoft Ajax templating engine on your page, you must fi rst load the MicrosoftAjax Templates.js fi le that itself relies on Serialization , ComponentModel , and the Core script fi les — so do not forget to add them as well, and be careful with the order of the script references:

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and your task display the objects unordered list t
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