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Wireshark Capture Issues Troubleshooting Answer

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When starting the Mininet topology, Wireshark captured all the packets between the switch and the controller. However, Wireshark didn't show any recorded packets. Why? The Wireshark filter incorrect. The filter is supposed to be openflow_v4 The Wireshark didn't start capturing the network packets. The switch and controller have been disconnected. The mininet's switch didn't connect to the controller with the wrong port number.

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

There could be several reasons why Wireshark didn't capture any packets between the switch and the controller in your Mininet topology. Let's go through each possibility:

  1. Firewall or Security Settings: Firewall or security settings on your system can sometimes block Wireshark from capturing packets. Make sure that there are no firewall rules or security settings preventing Wireshark from capturing traffic on the desired interface.

  2. Packet Flow Issues: It's also possible that the network traffic between the switch and the controller is not actually passing through the interface being monitored by Wireshark. Verify the network topology and make sure Wireshark is set up to capture packets on the correct interface.

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