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Database Transaction Properties Answers Assignment Answers

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8. "Concurrent transactions must not interact" is A) Atomicity B) Independence C) Durability D) Isolation 9. The following are enforced by the DBMS A) Isolation and Consistency B) Durability and Atomicity C) Consistency and Atomicity D) Consistency and Durability 10. A serial schedule A) Cannot be implemented in real life B) Is always sorted in ascending order by transaction ID C) Can have a dirty read anomaly D) Has its transactions executed one after another 11. An instance of a relation A) is never empty B) is static C) is serializable D) is dynamic 12. If F is the set of given FDs A) F+ is a superkey B) F+ is a functional dependency C) F CF D) F+ is cartesian product 13. The property: If XY + Z then X + Z and Y + Z A) Is called the "combine" rule B) is called the "divide" rule C) Is not always true D) Is one of Armstrong's axioms

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

  • The Database Management System (DBMS) enforces Consistency and Atomicity among the ACID properties.

10. D) Has its transactions executed one after another

  • F+ represents the closure of a set of functional dependencies F, which includes all the functional dependencies that can be derived from F.

13. A) Is called the "combine" rule

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