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Project Plan Changes & Reports Answer

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Meeting with Jill Donahue

On May 3rd, John met with Jill Donahue to review the project plan and details. The plan had a finish date in August. In that meeting Jill agreed with John that a fully functional and secure data center is a must, but she reminded John that there is still a desire to see this happen by end of June -- without compromising quality. As the project plan presented by John has an ending past June, Jill authorized the use of overtime for the team to work seven days a week. If that did not yield the desired timing, then she wanted John to let her know what else would be needed for the work to finish faster. She told him that she has some limited flexibility in the budget for the project, so John can ask for more, but he needs to be mindful of wasteful spending. She also told John that she wanted the move and switchover to occur over the weekend, which is the least busy time for the hospital and least likely to cause an issue should something does not go as planned. This new request was made earlier today by some directors and Jill agreed with them.

Following are the summary of suggestions made:

  1. Network Design could be reduced from 10 days to 8 days at an additional cost of $4000. This task was already underway, but they can still do this, if they make the change immediately.

    1. Installation time can be reduced to 14 days if the contractor is allowed to hire temporary additional crew members – estimated to cost an additional $3500.

    2. Allow the regular crew to work overtime and finish the installation in 11 days – estimated to cost an additional of $5000.

Based on the additional information, use Projectlibre file provided to create a project plan that ends latest by the end of June. Answer the following questions that Jill Donahue has asked to have clarified.

Question 1

Question 2

Based on the changes incorporated, how many days will be needed to complete the project and what is the end date for the project?

Question 4

Were you able to finish the project by the desired date? If not, what should John do Now?

  • The Gantt chart for the project (scale it so that it will be only two pages long).

Assignment Help Answers with Step-by-Step Explanation:

Question 1: Since John has to show the changes to get approval – list all that your team suggests in the order by which they were changed in the original plan. Explain your reasoning for choosing the options and their order.

  1. Rack Shipment Method: Expedite rack shipment with an additional cost of $2,800. This was selected to address another critical path item.

  2. Rack Installation: Allow regular crew to work overtime and finish in 11 days (additional cost $5,000). This was chosen because it provided a balance between cost and time reduction.

Question 3: What is the total additional budget needed to implement the changes?

The total additional budget needed can be calculated by summing up the costs associated with each of the implemented changes:

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