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Basic student information includes student


A local university is interested in creating a database to keep track of its data. It has provided you with the following information:

Courses – Courses have one or more sections. Each course has a course id, description, number of credits, and may have prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. A course may require a lab. Each section has the days and times it meets, as well as the location (Building/room). Sections also have minimum and maximum enrollments. Courses are given in the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Professors – Professors can only teach courses for the college where they are employed. They have an office on campus and office hours. They must teach at least one course per semester, and can teach a maximum of five. They cannot teach more than two sections of the same course in any semester. Professors must have at least one student assigned to them in their advisory capacity, but are not required to have any more than twenty students.

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basic student information includes student
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