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But not link the step target table file load rules properties


Chapter 12

The warehouse program uses the linked file as a source for the step. The step must have only one source file linked. The name for the source file-name must follow the conventions for specifying filenames on the client (agent system) or server of your OLAP server system. If the file location flag in your program indicates that the rules file is on an agent site, you must specify a fully qualified filename in the Load Rule File Name field on the Parameters page of the Step notebook.

Figure 12.5 is a properties page that requests information regarding where the load is to take place, as well as information about the files that will be used to load the OLAP cube. The file that is to be loaded is deter-mined when you draw (using the link tool) a link between a file and this step. All parameters are required and are outlined in Table 12.4. Note, the load rules file must be built outside the IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Center.

OLAP with IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Center 523



OLAP Server database name

Enter the database name of the OLAP cube that is to be loaded.

Verify OLAP Server password

Re-enter the password for the OLAP user that the load is to be run in behalf of.

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but not link the step target table file load rules
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