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Bank Balance Calculator Program Assignment Answers Needed

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Write a program using the while loop, called BankBalance, to calculate and display the annual year-end bank balance for customers. An example is shown below. The program asks three inputs from the customer: 1) the initial bank balance in double dollar amount e.g., (% 2021.21). 2) the annual interest rate in integer format (e.g., 2%). 3) the number of years that want to be displayed for the year-end balance c# Enter the innitial bank balance ≫1000 Enter the annual interest rate >5 Enter the number of year to display ≫6 Year 1: $1,050.00 Year 2: $1,102.50 Year 3: $1,157.63 Year 4: $1,215.51 Year 5: $1,276.28 Year 6: $1,340.10

student submitted image, transcription available below

Step By Step Answers with Explanation


        // Prompt the user for initial bank balance

        double annualInterestRate = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine()) / 100; // Convert to decimal

        // Prompt the user for the number of years

        while (year <= numberOfYears)


            // Update the initial balance for the next year

            initialBalance = yearEndBalance;


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calculate and display the annual yearend bank bala
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