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Chapter nineproblems the dry bulb wet thermometer reads

158 Chapter Nine


9.3 What is the relative humidity if the wet and dry bulbs in a wet/dry thermometer

read 75°F and 85°F respectively?

9.6 If the air temperature is 85°F, what is the water vapor pressure corresponding to

a relative humidity of 55 percent and at 55°F with 85 percent relative humidity?

to 95°F?

9.9 How much water does dry air contain at105°F and 55 percent relative humidity?

9.12 The two tubes in a bubbler system are placed in a liquid with a density of 1.395

slugs/ft3. If the bottom ends of the bubbler tubes are 3.5 and 42.7 in below the surface

of air under the same conditions is 0.0037 slugs/ft3?

9.15 A square plate 1.2 ft on a side is centrally placed in a channel 0.23-in wide filled

9.17 What is the pH of a solution, if there is a concentration of 0.0006 g/L of hydrogen ions?

What is the change in hydrogen concentration factor if the pH of a solution changes 9.18
from 3.5 to 0.56?

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chapter nineproblems the dry bulb wet thermometer
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