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Charge-pump phase-lock loops ieee transaction communication

96 J. Daniels et al.

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14. Gardner, F., “Charge-pump phase-lock loops,” IEEE Transaction Communication, vol. COM- 28, no. 11, pp. 1849–1858, November 1980.

15. Nakamura, M., Ishihara, N., Akazawa, Y., “A 156 Mbps CMOS Clock Recovery Circuit for Burst-mode Transmission,” Symp. VLSI Circuits, pp. 122–123, June 1996.

Part II High-Performance Amplifiers

The second chapter of this book is on high-performance amplifiers. Amplifiers come in different flavors. Here, several types of instrumentation amplifiers, basic IC building-block amplifiers, and audio power amplifiers are discussed, all with their special requirements and challenges.


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chargepump phaselock loops ieee transaction commun
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