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Choose configure the fra simplifies the storage backups and archive log files

Figure 4-3:

Chapter 4: Creating Your Database 83

You have two choices here. You can set the passwords individually for the users that are created with the database or set the same password for all users. We ask that you select Use the same administrative pass-word for all accounts to keep things simple for now. Fill in the Password and Confirm Password text boxes.

Here are some good password practices:

You’re asked whether you want to register your database with a listener. If you do, choose the correct listener and click Next.


Part II: Implementing an Oracle Database

•�Automatic Storage Management (ASM): Don’t choose this now. ASM has some great benefits but isn’t as easy to set up as the DBCA leads you to believe.

16. Select a place to store your files:

Separating files across multiple mount points is a best practice for per-formance and protection. If you create a test database or other nonpro-duction database, it’s okay to put them all in one place if you have the space.

17. Choose File Locations from Template and click Next.

The default value is about 5GB. This might be okay for the archive log files of small databases. However, an FRA of this size fills up very quickly. You can resize the FRA anytime without taking down the database.

20. Choose to archive later and click Next.

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choose configure the fra simplifies the storage ba
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