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Common mode voltage test applied the cables attached the product


Chapter 25

Immunity to power frequency magnetic fi elds is performed by setting up current fl ow in a loop around the product or preferably by placing the product within the confi nes of a Helmholtz coil.

Table 25.8 : Test equipment


Surge generator

Dips and interruptions

Signal generator, power amplifi ers, antennas
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)


In immunity testing, the confi guration and operating conditions of the equipment under test can be very important. These conditions are usually specifi ed in the EMC standard applicable to the product but in the absence of specifi c information the test engineer must attempt to adjust the conditions for maximum sensitivity to the applied disturbance.

Table 25.9 : Product development process

Product development stage

EMC input


Pre-compliance EMC tests

Conformity in production tests

EMC re-assessment

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common mode voltage test applied the cables attach
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