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Copy the labs folder the scripts folder the companion cd-rom the hard drive

722 Chapter 14 ✦ Study Guide

• Transaction logs are backed up daily at midnight.

Based upon the information presented, devise a load strategy that would best suit the requirements of this organization.

1. Start SQL*Plus and connect to the CERTDB database as user student with a password of oracle.

2. Create a table with the exact same structure as the Instructors table and call it temp_instructors. Make sure that the temp_instructors table you just created has no rows and then exit SQL*Plus

Chapter 14 ✦ Study Guide 723

Answers to Chapter Questions

Chapter Pre-Test

4. If you attempt to start two SQL*Loader sessions that need to load data in the same table, you should perform a parallel direct-path load in order for the process to complete as quickly as possible.

5. After performing a direct-path load and specifying the UNRECOVERABLE parameter in the control file, you should backup the tablespaces on which the tables that had data loaded into them exist. If you do not perform a backup, the loaded data may be lost or the load may need to be repeated should a disk failure take place or the files become corrupt.

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copy the labs folder the scripts folder the compan
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