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Creating different layouts and placements and tracking the results

6. Increase ‘Readiness To Buy’
Advertisers prefer websitesthat qualify visitors for the purchase.

A search for "cell phones," for example, can throw up a page about the perils of cell phone radiation, a university professor's treatise about messaging technologies and a buyer's guide that compares features and prices of top-selling cell phone models.

Of course, it’s also Google’s job to make sure that your ads match your content, but if you’re writing about DVDs it makes sense to produce content that encourages people to buy DVDs because those are the sort of ads you know you’re going to be served.

If you were writing about homebuying, you can be sure that you’d get ads about mortgages and real estate agents. Put up pages about finding the right mortgage or how to pick a real estate agent and not only do the ads look even more relevant, they’ll also appear more attractive.