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Cron job script program that run the cron daemon

1.3 The Four Phases of Investigation


takes too long (that is, the problem is urgent and you need an immediate solution), move on to the next phase, which is searching for the answer using the Internet. If that doesn’t reveal a solution to the problem, don’t get an expert involved just yet. The third phase is to dive in deeper on your own. It will help to build some deep skill, and your homework will also be appreciated by an expert should you need to get one involved. Lastly, when the need arises, engage an expert to help solve the problem.

☞ The exact time the problem occurred

☞ Dynamic operating system information (information that can change frequently over time)

Best Practices and Initial Investigation Chap. 1

The dynamic OS information is also a good place to start investigating many types of problems, which are frequently caused by a lack of resources or changes to the operating system. As part of this initial investigation, you should also make a note of the following:

What you were doing when the problem occurred. Were you installing software? Were you trying to start a Web server?

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cron job script program that run the cron daemon
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