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Decide where store the archive log files

Chapter 11: Facilitating Backup and Recovery


With archiving turned on, you get the following benefits:

Archive logs

Besides the impact of the archiving process, you have to consider what to do with all the archive log files being created. Again, your database size and number of changes determine how much archive data you will create.

LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n initialization parameter: This is actually 30 parameters. The n represents a number from 1 to 30. That’s right: You can store up to 30 copies of your archive logs (but doing so would be

The good news is you need to keep the archive logs only for recovery between backups. Does that mean if you back up every night, you can trash all archive logs created prior to that backup? No. Do not trash them every day. We can’t tell you how long to keep them, but consider the following situation:


Again, we recommend not only keeping archive logs for some time but also including them as part of your backup. each nightly backup.

✓ You restore that backup and find that you can’t roll forward to the time that your disk failed today because you trashed all the archive logs after

If you haven’t already done so, enabling archiving is a simple process. However, keep these things in mind:

✓ You have to shut down and restart the database.

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decide where store the archive log files
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