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Defines the basic principles database system based sql

1010 Appendix

Defines the data objects (DOs) and associated TLV tags for general industrial applications, and describes the associated TLV structures and
procedures for reading data objects from smart cards.

– 7: 1999 Part 7: Inter-industry Commands for Structured Card Query Language (SCQL)

This standard is divided into three parts. The first part describes the life cycle of a smart card
application at the file level in terms of states. The large second part describes access control objects (ACOs) that can be used to govern file accesses. The extensive third part defines search commands for file contents and administrative commands for creating and deleting files, which are necessary for managing applications.

– 10: 1999 Part 10: Electronic Signals Answer to Reset for Synchronous Cards


addition, the appendix illustrates the basic
features of methods for recording biometric data in the card (enrollment) and describes a scenario for verifying this biometric information.

– 15 CD: 2001 Part 15: Cryptographic Information Application

– 1 CD: 1998 Part 1: Messages, Data Elements and Code Values

– 2: 1998 Part 2: Application and Registration Procedures for Institution Identification Codes (IIC)

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defines the basic principles database system based
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