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Describe sql sql defines the language

Chapter 2: SQL Fundamentals 23

Execute a program that collects information from the database and then reports on the information either onscreen or in a printed report.

Incorporating an SQL query directly into a program is a good way to run a complex query that you’re likely to run again in the future. That way, you can formulate a query just once for use as often as you want. Chapter 16 explains how to incorporate SQL code into programs written in another programming language.

The syntax of SQL is a form of structured English, which is where its original name came from. However, SQL is not a structured language in the sense that computer scientists understand that term. Thus, despite the assumptions of many people, SQL is not an acronym standing for “structured query language.” It is a sequence of three letters that don’t stand for anything, just like the name of the C language does not stand for anything.

IBM’s work with relational databases and SQL was well known in the industry even before IBM introduced its SQL/DS relational database (RDBMS) prod-uct in 1981. By that time, Relational Software, Inc. (now Oracle Corporation) had already released its first RDBMS. These early products immediately set the standard for a new class of database management systems. They incor-porated SQL, which became the de facto standard for data sublanguages. Vendors of other relational database management systems came out with their own versions of SQL. Typically these other implementations contained all the core functionality of the IBM products, extended in ways that took advantage of the particular strengths of their own RDBMS product. As a result, although nearly all vendors used some form of SQL, compatibility between platforms was poor.


Because the complete SQL standard is comprehensive, currently available implementations are unlikely to support it fully. However, DBMS vendors are working to support a core subset of the sSO/ IEC standard is available for purchase at , but you probably don’t want to buy it unless SO/ IEC SQL standard database management system. The standard is highly techni-cal and virtually incomprehensible to anyone other than a computer language scholar.

SQL Statements

SQL:2011 Statements









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describe sql sql defines the language
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