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Discoverer plus olap directly accesses the data oracle olap cubes

334Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP: The Guide to Oracle’s Multidimensional Solution

Web-Based Deployment Options
The majority of examples shown so far in this chapter have been from web-based reporting tools, so let’s first look at the different ways you can deliver reports over the Web:

Desktop-Based Deployment Options
Desktop-based reporting is generally delivered via Microsoft Office products—in particular, Excel. However, some third-party tools exist that offer other spreadsheet-based interfaces with built-in Essbase or Oracle OLAP features.

Ad Hoc Spreadsheet Reporting
As previously mentioned, ad hoc spreadsheet reports are most often created in Excel by power users. OLAP features are integrated into the Excel interface. Analysts can connect to and retrieve data from either an Essbase database or an Oracle OLAP

Oracle OLAP Tools for Ad Hoc Reporting For Oracle OLAP, several desktop options are available for displaying and reporting data. These tools include those provided by Oracle and some third-party tools that support Oracle OLAP 11g features.

We have already discussed OBIEE Plus and its support for Essbase and Oracle OLAP, but there is also Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition, which is based on the Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer tool set.

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discoverer plus olap directly accesses the data or
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