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Doug parsons examined the technical content very carefully


THIS BOOK WOULD NOT BE SO CLEAR in its voice without the contribution of Kevin Shafer, who not only fi xed our typos and grammar, but added a lot of value by improving our thoughts put down to paper and ironed out our tangled sentences. Doug Parsons examined the technical content very carefully, tried all the sample code we prepared, and gave us a lot of suggestions to improve the understandability of examples. Without his thorough work, samples would contain many more bugs and ambiguous code details.

— Attila Hajdrik

THIS BOOK STARTED OUT AS MY IDEA and I was the original sole author. However, because of soft-ware release delays and schedule confl icts, that ended up not being feasible, and I wasn ’ t sure what would happen with the book. Other authors were brought on to help with the writing. I am very grateful for the hard work and dedication that each of them gave toward this book. Without their efforts, the book would have never made it past the overall concept.

I WISH TO ACKNOWLEDGE Paul Reese and Kevin Shafer. Paul gave me the opportunity to be part of another project of this size and scope. Kevin improved my paragraphs and found the right place for each code snippet. The reader will notice his great work. Special thanks go to my wife, Vanesa S. Olsen, because she understood that I needed to work with many computers and mobile devices at the same time to test each code snippet.

— Gast ó n C. Hillar

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doug parsons examined the technical content very c
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