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Explain the application and its pros and cons detail

Mobile Synchronization System

The general procedure for setting up your database for use with MobiLink is as follows. This description applies to Adaptive Server Anywhere remote databases.

5. Run one of the setup scripts, appropriate for your consolidated database, located in
%ASANY8%\MobiLink\setup\, using an administrative or Interactive SQL tool for your database server (see Table 10.1).

Table 10.1: Database Setup Scripts


syncdb2long.sql (also syncdb2.sql)

The next procedure is to identify the tables you want synchronized.

To identify the tables and columns you want synchronized:

1. Using Sybase Central, connect to your remote database. 2. Create a publication.

3. Create a synchronization user.

2. Run the MobiLink client, dbmlsync, on the remote database. Use, for example, the following switches: dbmlsync −c ... −e SendColumnNames='on'.


We'll tackle two things with this application. First, it will show the use of ASA, and second, it will be the extension of a data warehouse. Since manipulating data on the mobile unit is difficult, the trick for data warehousing is to pre−aggregate the required table just as we've done with SalesHistoryCount. The
SalesHistory table has multiple rows, one for each month per customer and specific wine. The
SalesHistoryCount table tallies all months in one table per customer and specific wine. This method allows for a simpler manipulation of the data once on the wireless device.

This application was created for a fictional wine salesperson for a vineyard called Vineyards (our imagination was overflowing when we thought of that name:−). Sure, it could be enhanced with dozens of features (the application, not our imagination), but we think that what we've created will do the trick for now.

As you can see, the application is not just one program, but a mixture of synchronized programs, each specific to a unique task, as we'll explain later.


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explain the application and its pros and cons deta
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