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Generating keywords related the classified task received from the tcu

generating keywords related to the classified task received from the TCU, though it works as a look-up table implemented using ANN technique.

• Hybrid Rule-Based System (HRBS): HRBS applies simple rules on the agent's knowledge domain, using the keywords, which are generated from NNAM, to infer the actual information required in executing the user's task.

By natural language interface is meant manipulating a short sentence or phrase and allowing misspelling and/or ungrammatical cases. We do not claim that the agent deals with this problem in a satisfactory way from the semantic or lexical analysis point of view. Since a deep text analysis cannot be undertaken in an unrestricted semantic environment, the approach must be to limit the task in order to analyse the user's input text as well as possible. It has been claimed that most of the successful
natural language understanding systems share two properties: they are focused on a particular domain rather than allowing discussion of any arbitrary topic, and they are focused on a particular task rather than attempting to understand language completely [8].

In order to be able to assist users, an agent must be provided with knowledge of its domain. The agent is given a minimum of background knowledge and learns the appropriate behaviour either from the user or from other agents. By learning is meant learning by example and accumulating the experience from interacting with and observing its user.

1. Asking about travel reservation.
2. Asking about travel confirmation.
3. Asking about travel cancellation.

It has been asked that every respondent write a short sentence or a phrase representing as much as possible of the meaning without any concern about the correct grammar. The e-mails contain a mix of formal and informal English language. The only correction, which has been made before this set of data has been applied on the neural network for training, was a spelling check. In this approach, it is assumed that:

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generating keywords related the classified task re
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