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Giving the tnsnames entries shown table


Chapter 3

Logging onto SQL*Plus and selecting the global name of the database gives the following:

SQL> select * from global_name;

Configuring Oracle Networking 67

base (sales.world) is already in use in New York to refer to the New York database. The problem can be fixed in ad hoc ways by modifying the TNS name of one of the data-bases and changing its global name; however, that’s not a well-thought-out solution. A better solution is to use a global naming scheme based on a top-down notation like DNS. DNS fixes the problems involved in resolving host names centrally and uniquely, and you can use a similar approach to name your database services.

To resolve this problem, Big Inc has a meeting with its DBAs and they come up with a global naming standard for Oracle databases that prevents the names from clashing in the future. They decide that all database global names and TNS aliases must include the region in the name, giving the tnsnames.ora entries shown in Table 3.6, which can be safely copied into the tnsnames.ora files on both sites.

Table 3.6

TNS Aliases in a Global Naming Scheme








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giving the tnsnames entries shown table
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