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Harness the power big data the ibm big data platformit for data center

28 Harness the Power of Big Data: The IBM Big Data Platform

IT for IT:
Data Center, Machine Data, and Log Analytics

Sometimes, we like to refer to all those logs and the trace data that’s gener-ated by the operation of your IT solutions as data exhaust. Enterprises have lots of data exhaust, and like any pollutant, it gets discarded because it’s viewed as waste. Log data is often too strongly associated with high storage costs. However, logs contain a great deal of potential insight, not only into what’s happening to your servers now, but what will happen.

Take a moment to consider how your organization does infrastructure budgeting. You’d like to think that it’s fact-based, but is it really? Do you have a clear view of system utilization across the end-to-end platforms, including trending? Do you understand the impact of seasonality and other events across all groups and departments? We were able to show one of our customers that they were planning new server acquisitions based on peak load volumes that could be handled by existing idle systems. We helped them to save several million dollars, resulting in a triple-digit ROI in the first year.

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harness the power big data the ibm big data platfo
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