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Howson the life and epistles

which had been vividly presented to her, but forgotten, and which she was able to describe more in detail than that which she had read. (Selected Messages 3:459, 460)

In some of the historical matters such as are brought out in Patriarchs and Prophets, and in Acts of the Apostles and in Great Controversy, the main outlines were made very clear and plain to her, and when she came to write up these topics, she was left to study the Bible and history to get dates and geographical relations and to perfect her description of details. (Selected Messages 3:462)

Many Jews from other countries received from the Baptist their knowledge of the Messiah, and carried with them this knowledge on their return from
Palestine.... But in a position intermediate between this deluded party and those who were travelling as teachers of the full and perfect gospel there were doubtless many among the floating Jewish
population of the empire whose knowledge of Christ extended only to that which had been preached on the banks of the Jordan. (385-386)

On his arrival at Ephesus, Paul found twelve
brethren, who, like Apollos, had been disciples of John the Baptist, and like him had gained an
imperfect knowledge of the life and mission of Christ. (129)

This was the temple of Artemis or Diana, which glittered in brilliant beauty at the head of the harbor, and was reckoned by the ancients as one of the wonders of the world....The national pride in the sanctuary was so great that when Alexander offered the spoils of his Eastern campaign if he might
inscribe his name on the building, the honor was declined. The Ephesians never ceased to embellish the shrine of their goddess, continually adding new decorations and subsidiary buildings, with statues and pictures by the most famous artists. (429-430)

The idol enshrined in this sumptuous edifice was a rude, uncouth image, declared by tradition to have fallen from the sky. (134)

Numerous and costly books were written by the Ephesians to explain the meaning and use of these symbols. (134-135)

'Ephesian Letters' were engraved on the crown, the girdle, and the feet of the goddess.... When
pronounced they were regarded as a charm, and were directed to be used especially by those who were in the power of evil spirits. When written they were carried about as amulets.... The study of these
symbols was an elaborate science, and books, both numerous and costly, were compiled by its
professors. (392)

An attempt was made by seven brothers, the sons of one Sceva, a Jewish priest. Finding a man possessed

One specific instance is recorded which produced disastrous consequences to those who made the

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howson the life and epistles
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