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Including possibly html form para-meters


Chapter 5


Relative or absolute URL of the XSQL page that you

want to include.

In the second case, the parameters included in a request can be inserted. These can include cookies, session parameters, and request parameters. The most common case involves inserting data from HTML forms. If you wish to insert HTML form data, the XSQL page processor will translate the form data to XML, using the xsql:include-request-params action. You then translate this XML format to the canonical format with your own XSLT stylesheet.

The use of this action in the insertion of data is further discussed in Chapter 7. The syntax of this action is as follows:

Table 5.14 insert-request Attributes


The table in which to insert the XML. Views and synonyms are also valid here.

Table 5.14

insert-request Attributes (Continued)

Writing XSQL Pages 91

Date format mask to use for dates on this insert. Format mask should match any dates in the XML.


Table 5.15 lists the attributes that can be used in conjunction with this action.

Table 5.15

insert-request Attributes


The URL of the XSLT stylesheet that should be used to transform the XML to the
canonical ROWSET/ROW format.

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including possibly html form parameters
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