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Increase the con-and dont want


Book VI �Chapter 3: Getting Exact with Advanced Masking Techniques

Figure 3-5

There are lots of ways to create a channel mask, but I’m here to offer you one that works most of the time. To create a channel mask, follow these steps:


Analyze your existing channels to

2. After you duplicate the channel, it then
Choose ImageAdjustmentsLevels.
Using the Histogram and the sliders in

most contrast between what you want

the Levels dialog box, increase the con-

trast between the element(s) you want

lanterns, which I wanted to mask, and

the background, which I didn’t.

Creating Channel Masks

favorite keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+click (Ô+click on the Mac) directly on the

paint and edit the alpha channel to

clean to start with, so it didn’t require

Your selection is now ready to go.


the Load Channel as Selection icon

(the dotted circle icon on the far left)

If you’ve done a good job, nobody will
be the wiser that the two images never

met in real life.

This loads your mask as a selection,



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increase the conand dont want
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