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Array vs. Linked Tail Implementation Homework Answers Needed

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An Unsorted List ADT is to be extended by the addition of function Tail, which has the following precondition and postcondition: (6 points) ‐ Precondition: list has been initialized and is not empty. ‐ Postcondition: return value is a new list with the last item inserted in the list removed. a) Will this addition be easy to implement in the array‐based class UnsortedType? Explain. b) Will this addition be easy to implement in the linked implementation of class UnsortedType? Explain

Step By Step Answers with Explanation

a) Implementing the `Tail` function in an array-based class `UnsortedType` may not be straightforward due to the nature of arrays. Arrays have a fixed size, and removing an item from the middle of an array would require shifting all the elements that come after it, which can be computationally expensive. However, it's still possible to implement the `Tail` function with some extra effort.

4. Return Result: Return the new array (or the modified original array) as the result of the `Tail` function.

In this implementation, you'll need to allocate memory for a new array, iterate through the original array to copy elements, and potentially update the reference to the original array. While it's doable, it involves additional memory allocation and copying, which can be inefficient if the array is large.

3. Remove the Last Element: To remove the last element, update the `next` reference of the node pointed to by `previous` to `null`, effectively disconnecting the last node from the list.

4. Return Result: Return the value of the removed node as the result of the `Tail` function.

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involves additional memory allocation and copying
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