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Its hot and fait chaud are distinct sentences

SQL and Logic / Chapter 10217

The Chairman: I see Councillor Hogg rising quite rightly to raise another objection. May I anticipate him with another amendment: “All dogs in this Park must be kept on the lead.”

1. 2 + 3 = 5

2. 2 + 3 > 7

 Bach is the greatest musician who ever lived.

 What’s the time?

 We both have the same favorite author, x.

218Chapter 10 / SQL and Logic


Given some set of propositions, we can combine propositions from that set to form further propositions, using various connectives. The connectives most commonly encountered in practice are NOT, AND, OR, IF ... THEN ...

9. IF ( Mars has two moons ) THEN ( Venus is between Earth and Mercury )

10. IF ( Jupiter is a star ) THEN ( Mars has two moons )

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its hot and fait chaud are distinct sentences
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