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Ive created acheckerboard using html table


LESSON 10: Building Tables

Be careful when you hard-code table cells with line breaks and nowrap attributes. Remember, your table might be viewed by users with many different screen widths. Try resizing the browser window to make sure your table still looks correct. For the most part, try to let the browser format your table and make minor adjustments only when necessary.

Table and Cell Color
After you have your basic table layout with rows, headings, and data, you can start refin-ing how that table looks. You can refine tables in a couple of ways. One way is to add color to borders and cells.

Table and Cell Color 281

Here’s an example of changing the background and cell colors in a table. I’ve created a

checkerboard using an HTML table. The table itself is white, with alternating cells in

Input ▼

<!DOCTYPE html>

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ive created acheckerboard using html table
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