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Just type zero the padding specifier the format string

A conversion specification begins with a % and consists of up to five specifiers (most of which are optional). They are (from left-to-right):


An optional padding specifier. This is a component that indicates what character should be used

An optional minimum width specifier. This is simply an integer that indicates the minimum number of characters the string should be. If you specify a width of 6, and the source string is only three characters wide, the rest of the string will be padded with the character indicated by

the padding specifier. Note that for floating point numbers, the minimum width specifier determines the number of characters to the left of the decimal point.


d - Decimal integer.

c - Character whose ASCII code is integer value of the argument. f - Double (Floating-point number).

e - Double, using exponential notation.

As mentioned above, it is also possible to include ordinary characters in the format string that are to be printed literally. Instead of “20.00”, suppose we would like to print “$20.00”. We can do so simply by adding a “$” before the argument:

$ch3_pg = 83;

$ch4_title = "Repairs and Maintenance";

This code will print:

Bicycle Safety...........................83 Repairs and Maintenance.................115

string number_format (float num, int precision, string dec_point, string thousands_sep);

The function takes one, two, or four arguments. (Three arguments will result in an error.) If only the first argument is used, num is depicted as an integer with commas separating the thousands:

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just type zero the padding specifier the format st
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