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Latin results exit loop through the results foreach result results-

A Boolean (true/false) value specifying whether or not results were filtered for very similar results or those that come from the same web host
A list of directory categories, if any, associated with the query Individual search result data
The "guts" of a search result—the URLs, page titles, and snippets—are returned in a
<resultElements> list. Each result consists of the following elements:
The Google Directory summary, if available

The search result's URL; consistently starts with <snippet>

The vast majority of hacks in this book are written in Perl. While the specifics vary from hack to hack, much of the busy work of querying the Google API and looping over the results remain essentially the same. This hack is utterly basic, providing a foundation on which to build more complex and interesting applications. If you haven't done anything of the sort before, this hack is a good starting point for experimentation. It simply submits a query to Google and prints out the results.

50.1 The Code

# Use the SOAP::Lite Perl module use SOAP::Lite;

# Take the query from the command-line
my $query = shift @ARGV or die "Usage: perl googly.pl <query>\n";

# Loop through the results
foreach my $result (@{$results->{resultElements}}) {

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latin results exit loop through the results foreac
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