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Many applications require the ability reproduce individ-ual


The Smart Card Life Cycle

Smart Card
Security Module
Y = g y mod n X, g, n
K = X y mod n Y
database with personalization
encrypted, card-specific data in plaintext
personalization data

card number


Figure 10.64 Schematic representation of a possible procedure for personalization using cryptograph-ically secured transmission of data and keys. In this special procedure, the keys for loading the data in encrypted form are negotiated in advance using a Diffie–Hellman key exchange. This eliminates the need to transmit a previously stored symmetric personalization key to the smart card in cleartext in a separate step. Only the cryptographically relevant processes are shown

correct sequence to the smart card and compares the responses received from the card with the responses accompanying the commands. If they do not match, the smart card is not behaving as expected and a personalization error must have occurred. With this method, it is not necessary to have a special security module for the tests in the personalization machine.



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many applications require the ability reproduce in
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