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Measured virtual machine instructions default

python<version>; platform-independent header files are stored in <prefix>/include/python<version>.

String specifying primary prompt in interactive mode; de-faults to >>> unless assigned.

Call to set the system profile function to func: the profiler’s“hook” (not run for each line). See the Python Library Reference for details.

Call to set maximum depth of the Python call stack to depth. This limit prevents infinite recursion from causing an overflow of the C stack and crashing Python. The de-fault is 1,000 on Windows, but this may vary.

Standard error stream: a preopened file object. Can be as-signed to any object with write methods to reset stderr within a script (e.g., sys.stderr=wrappedsocket). Used for interpreter prompts/errors.

Original values of stdin, stderr, and stdout at program start (e.g., for restores as a last resort; normally, when as- signing to sys.stdout, etc., save the old value and restore it in a finally clause). Can be None for GUI apps on Win- dows with no console.

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measured virtual machine instructions default
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