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Measurement the phase yields value for and

778 36 Thermography to Measure Water Relations of Plant Leaves

Figure 36.5: Parameter images for constant heating: a time constant τ; b tem-

perature differenceT.

div =

data from the same species.

Periodic flux method. A varying energy flux density jact(t) is applied

∂f (t)

that is, a time derivative of a function in the time domain becomes a

air temperature Tair, this can be rewritten for ˆTleaf as follows:



��ˆz(ω) τ2 + ω2��2

36.4 Measurements 779




Figure 36.6: Parameter images depicting the phase Eq. (36.33) for different

In principle, a measurement of the phase ϕ(ω) yields a value for τ and, therefore, using Eq. (36.28), a value for (C/A)leaf.

The varying energy flux had the form of a rectangular function (the radiator was periodically switched on and off). As the Fourier spectrum of a rectangular function consists of all the odd harmonics, this can be considered as an application of several frequencies at once (with decreasing amplitude).

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measurement the phase yields value for and
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