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Most radar applications the sampling rate

where nv is the nth blind speed. If λ is measured in meters,fp in Hz, and the relative velocity in

knots, the blind speeds are

v = n f p n f … (10)
n 1.02

The pulse doppler radar is more likely to use range-gated doppler filter-banks than delay-line cancelers. Also, a power amplifier such as a klystron is more likely to be used than a delay-line cancelers. A pulse doppler radar operates at a higher duty cycle than does an MTI. Although it is difficult to generalize, the MTI radar seems to be the more widely used of the two, but pulse doppler is usually more capable of reducing clutter. .

A high-prf pulase Doppler radar is one with no blind speeds with in the Doppler space. A medium-prf pulase Doppler radar is one get operated at slightly lower prf and accepts both range and Doppler ambiguities.

A brief comparison between different Doppler pulse radar is given in table 4.1

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most radar applications the sampling rate
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