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Motion the subducted plate nearly perpendicular the trench axis purple line

Magnitude 7.7 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 22:15:02 UTC

as residents rushed to higher ground. Local media report that hundreds of houses have been damaged, and there are electricity blackouts across the province. Following the earthquake, people remained out on


The red star shows the
epicenter of the
earthquake while the
arrows show the direction of motion of the Australia-Indian Plate.
At the location of this
earthquake, the Australia-Indian Plate moves north-northeast with respect to the Sunda microplate at a velocity of approximately 60-65 mm/yr.
The Sunda trench axis strikes approximately
N 37°W. The Indian
Ocean crust is moving in an azimuth of ~ N 23°E relative to Southeast
Asia, giving an angle of obliquity of 60°.
Sunda Trench UNAVCO

Australia-Indian Plate