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Nlbean cvf nlbean nlbean nlbean mark watson

separate package so compiling the examples will create compiled Java class files in the current directory.

I have been interested in AI since reading Bertram Raphael's excellent book "Thinking
Computer: Mind Inside Matter" in the early 1980s. I have also had the good fortune to work on many interesting AI projects including the development of commercial expert system tools for the Xerox LISP machines and the Apple Macintosh, development of commercial neural network tools, application of natural language and expert systems technology, application of AI technologies to Nintendo and PC video games, and the application of AI technologies to the financial markets. I enjoy AI programming, and hopefully this enthusiasm will also infect the reader.

the conversion to UNIX or Linux is trivial; replace “;” with “:” like this:

java –classpath nlbean.jar:idb.jar NLBean


javac -classpath idb.jar:. -d . nlbean/*.java

Listing 1 – Iprinter.java

public interface IPrinter {
public void print();

Listing 4 TestContainer1.java

public class TestContainer1 {
public TestContainer1() { }
TestClass1 instance1;
TestSubClass1 [] instances;

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nlbean cvf nlbean nlbean nlbean mark watson
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