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Not install sql server express edition


1. Download the latest version of the Jet engine from the Microsoft Jet Security Bulletin MS04-014 page of Microsoft TechNet, http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/ bulletin/ms04-014.mspx.

Follow these instructions to download and install Visual Web Developer Express Edition.

1. Download the latest version of Visual Web Developer from http://msdn.microsoft. com/vstudio/express/vwd. (vwdsetup.exe is a little under 3MB.)

6. Click the Install button to start the installation. The installer will connect to the Internet to download the necessary components (40MB for Visual Web Developer on its own). If you want to get a cup of coffee, now is your chance.

7. Once setup is complete, you can choose to register your copy of Visual Web Developer for a few extras. To decide if you want to register, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/ vstudio/express/register/default.aspx.

1. Download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition from http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/ express/sql/default.aspx. (SQLEXPR.EXE is 53.5MB, so make sure there is enough space on your hard drive, and have another cup of coffee handy.)

2. After the package has downloaded, double-click it. The necessary files will be extracted, and the installer will be run automatically.

7. On the next step, enter your registration information and uncheck the Hide Advanced Configuration Options check box. Click the Next button.

8. Accept the selected features by clicking the Next button.

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not install sql server express edition
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