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Ollydbg will typically save the breakpoint locations you set


As discussed in Chapter 8, there are several different types of breakpoints, and OllyDbg supports all of those types. By default, it uses software break-points, but you can also use hardware breakpoints. Additionally, you can set conditional breakpoints, as well as set breakpoints on memory.

Right-click menu selection




BreakpointHardware, on Execution

(read, write, or execute)

(select memory)

BreakpointMemory, on Write

push offset "ugKLdNlLT6emldCeZi72mUjieuBqdfZ"
call String_Decoder

Listing 9-2: A string decoding breakpoint

As you learned in the previous chapter, conditional breakpoints are software breakpoints that will break only if a certain condition is true. OllyDbg allows you to set conditional breakpoints using expressions; each time the software breakpoint is hit, the expression is evaluated. If the expression result is non-zero, execution pauses.

WARNING Be careful when using conditional breakpoints. Setting one may cause your program to run much more slowly, and if you are incorrect about your condition, the program may never stop running.

Figure 9-7: Stack window at the start of

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ollydbg will typically save the breakpoint locatio
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