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One source schema includes imports second source schema


Customization Syntax

The syntax for the four types of JAXB binding declarations, as well as the syntax for the XML-to-Java datatype binding declarations and the customization name-space prefix are described below.

collectionType can be either indexed or any fully qualified class name that implements java.util.List.

fixedAttributeAsConstantProperty can be either true, false, 1, or 0. The default value is false.


choiceContentProperty can be either true, false, 1, or 0. The default value is false. choiceContentProperty is not relevant when the bindingStyle is elementBinding. Therefore, if bindingStyle is speci-fied as elementBinding, then the choiceContentProperty must result in an invalid customization.

underscoreBinding can be either asWordSeparator or asCharInWord. The default value is asWordSeparator.

<javaType> can be zero or more javaType binding declarations. See <javaType> Binding Declarations (page 64) for more information.

<globalBindings> declarations are only valid in the annotation element of the top-level schema element. There can only be a single instance of a <globalBindings> declaration in any given schema or binding declarations file. If one source schema includes or imports a second source schema, the <globalBindings> declaration must be declared in the first source schema.

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one source schema includes imports second source s
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