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One that not only moves continuously east and west

Staggered Tilemaps 353

354 Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0

Figure 13.7 shows the output of this program. You’ll notice that it’s similar to most of the rest of the examples in the chapter, except it has no jaggies. Now that you have eliminated the jagged edges, you can certainly see how much more immersive the environment is. Those jagged edges weren’t serving any useful purpose. . . they just distracted you.

Cylindrical Maps

When I say cylindrical maps, what I mean is that you can move from the left edge to the right edge, and vice versa. In cases like these, the map is called cylindrical because if you were to print the map and put the left and right edges together, you would make a cylindrical tube.

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one that not only moves continuously east and west
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